Forbo is a global flooring company employing over 5,000 people in over 30 countries. Forbo Flooring is also a global market leader in linoleum floor coverings, owning a market share of over 60%. In addition to linoleum-based flooring, Forbo develops and manufactures high quality vinyl floor coverings. The comprehensive range of high-quality linoleum and vinyl flooring combine functionality and durability.
Aquajet even allows you to create a thematic floor that can integrate a work of art or a company logo. Here in Ireland, forbo flooring have been used extensively on a broad range of projects such as medical, education, office and retail. They provide the perfect solution, from an entire hospital wing to a kitchen makeover! There are so many innovative flooring products under the Forbo brand-name that we can't possibly cover them all here. For the most popular choices in flooring have a look through the following pages.