Amtico Care


How do i look after my new amtico floor?

Amtico is very easy to keep clean. We have it in our own homes and can assure you of it’s ease of maintenance. The amount of cleaning depends on your lifestyle & colour of floor. In most cases a simple cleaning system is all you need. Vacuum or sweep the floor daily. Around once a week, damp mop the floor with amtico floor cleaner… that’s it!

However, even this tough surface can be scratched and marked by sharp grit or other objects. Basic precautions will help keep your floor looking good. Protect against scratching from furniture feet by using felt pads. Use caster cups under heavy items like sofas to disperse weight evenly. We recommend you exercise care with certain rubber backed mats because in some circumstances it is possible for the products used in the manufacture of the rubber to migrate onto the resilient floor and leave black stains on the tiles.

Since 1998, all smooth finish Amtico residential products have been treated with a special Super-Tough Finish which makes regular polishing or dressing totally unnecessary.

For customers who prefer a glossy shine rather than the intended matt finish, we do offer a professional cleaning and polishing service. However, once a gloss finish is applied, it does require regular polishing, surface scuff marks are more noticeble and in our opinion tends to look unnatural on the newer amtico surfaces. For more detailed advice and frequently asked questions on floor care, we recommend a visit to amtico’s official website at